Fortnightly on SUNDAY 10:00am to 3:00pm for children age 6-11

led by Tim Sanderson

A fortnightly learning journey grounded in and around a woodland setting, immersed in the rolling seasons of the year, and the changing moods of the weather.

Our time together is held by a strong and dependable rhythm. We are outside as much as possible and intimate with the living landscape.

Free play, exploration, creativity and curiosity are at the heart of what we do, blending elements of bush craft, woodland skills, machines and maintenance, making, crafting, gardening, personal development, martial arts, music and the creative arts.

In the summer months we spend time down at the coast, learning boating skills and exploring the seaside environment.

We will grow and explore a variety of skills and tools for balanced well being: Helping to develop a full and rounded harmony between Body, Emotion, Mind and Spirit. Nurturing confidence, authenticity, kindness, fascination and versatility.


Programme: A typical day at Jedi School

9:45 Arrive

10:00 Opening circle: We share news and practice listening and speaking in a group.

10:15 Woodland walk: We head off into the woods to stretch our legs, explore and see what we can find.

11:00 Snack Time: We sit together and eat our snacks, parents are encouraged to provide something simple and wholesome.

11:15 Free Play: Time for self directed play together outdoors, in all weathers.

12:00 Music & Art: We explore different instruments including; drums, percussion, piano, guitar, harmonica, drone and voice. Improvising and following our feeling as a group, listening to each other and developing a sense of rhythm. This is a great way in to musical expression without the pressure of having to get anything right. If they prefer children might draw, paint, sculpt or write poetry alongside the music.

12:30 Lunch: We encourage parents to provide a wholesome pack lunch for their children, keeping sugary things to a minimum.

1:00 Free Play: An extended playtime to go deeper into group play or solitary explorations.

2:00 Craft: A mix of practical and manual one off exercises and term long projects, including; woodworking, building, gardening, maintaining engines, machines and tools, all the jobs and skills that come up through the year here at The Shed give us a wide range of skills and disciplines to explore and develop. Getting our hands on and doing stuff.

2:45 Closing Circle: We share and reflect on our day together and say goodbye.

3:00 Hometime


Class size: maximum 10 Children

Price £25 per day

Bookable in half term blocks as follows:

Autumn into Winter 2018
9th and 23rd September and 7th and 21st October (4 weeks)
4th and 18th November and 2nd and 16th December (4 weeks)

Winter into Spring 2019
To be confirmed

Spring into Summer 2019
To be confirmed

Email Tim at