Tim Sanderson
is an artist, poet and woodsman, student of Aikido, woodworker, smallholder, parent and child group leader, nature based workshop facilitator, and father of two girls. He has devoted the past twelve years to nurturing and tending the woodland around his family home, living in symbiosis and lovingly working to create a beautiful living space: The Shed where Jedi School and Badgers Parent & Child Group are held, and The Clearing where community events and workshops are held. His own ongoing journey of learning has gifted him with a diverse range of skills and experiences to share with the new generation of earth-loving children.



Red K Elders
co-created and ran Mighty Oaks parent and child/community group for 6 years, mostly all outdoors, assisted by the natural elements of the glorious woodland. She has also also led many woodland workshop days, passing on traditional skills and crafts she learned from her mother and grandmothers to new generations.

As well as organising many local dance, movement, therapy workshops and arts and crafts events, her monthly Heart Song event offers a beautiful held space to journey together through movement and dance, deep listening circle and voicework.

Nourishing and supporting over 200 local familes, these activities have gifted her with a wealth of experience in holding safe and sacred structured space for both adults and children to soften, release and grow together.

Red also works one to one assisting people with therapeutic body and journeywork and is a home schooling/unschooling mama to her two daughters.



Georgie Rose Ford

Georgie loves children and has had experience teaching English abroad. She loves cooking healthy veggie food and setting up visually beautiful spaces. As a healer she is aware of emotional needs and is sensitive to those around her.

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